We are Tēm N(y)o͞o ˈMənē®️

A team destined to motivate others to achieve more out of life. We inspire to educate, empower, and embrace our existence (our youth and different cultures) through custom apparel that was at one point just a dream, and is now a reality. From 1974-1980, Tēm N(y)o͞ o ˈMənē®️ was being birthed.  
The Tēm N(y)o͞oˈMənē®️ “Team New Money” movement was created by my mother, Rina. It was an urban saying amongst family they used as a sense of belonging. In other words, “Tēm N(y)o͞ o ˈMənē®️ is dedicated to motivating other people in our communities. 
In early 2016, a powerful movement to Motivating Others to Glow™ and Consistency+Loyalty=Royalty™ was born, which represents taking our brand to the next level of fashion. Creatively, the N(y)o͞ o ˈMənē®️ apparel brand was created. 
About Angel (Owner):
Immediately after starting the motivational movement in 2017, I suffered two back to back spinal fusions in October 2017 and August 2018 which is an ongoing challenge in everyday life.  MY ALMIGHTY GOD, has proven that even though life throws you curveballs, he shows you how to catch. Not to mention, right after that, I ended up losing my loving mother, Rina, July 2019 to Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 55. I intend to keep her spirits joyous through motivation and inspiration. She’s our Founder…Check her out!
In late 2018, we opened our first online retail shop that is operated by N(y)o͞ o LLC embarking on a journey to sell HIGH-QUALITY custom-apparel using 100% organic cotton material manufactured in the US. 
In Early August 2020, we started TNM Branding LLC™ to offer customer service custom printing. Services include screen-printing, embroidery, notary services, light-design, etc. We offer 100% organic apparel and choice of other quality luxury garments.